Hydrofarm LLC recently purchased the distribution business operation from Greenstar and is now operating as GS Distribution, Inc. Please click on the link below to access the distribution website.

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Grotek™ planted its roots in Canada in 1998. We have since grown into a company that is distributed internationally. We are gardeners helping gardeners with products for every stage of growing. Consistent and effective, our easy to use formulas help clients achieve their highest yields ensuring great value.

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The Earth Safe® brand is dedicated to providing organic solutions that will provide the results that gardeners want and expect in their gardens. Many of the Earth Safe® brand products meet the high standard necessary to be approved for use in certified organic crop production.

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Supergreen® recognizes that times are changing and that we need to change with it. There is a whole new generation of gardeners ready to get their thumbs green, and we’re here to help! Whether you’re a new or an experienced gardener, Supergreen® has an option for every garden.

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Greenstar Plant Products, Inc. is an internationally recognized leader in the manufacturing of plant nutrients. Our brands are Grotek, Supergreen and EarthSafe. Grotek, which the company has been producing since 1998 and in sold in numerous countries internationally. EarthSafe Brand and Supergreen are exclusive to Canada.

Greenstar Plant Products, Inc. produces premium horticultural products and solutions for global, domestic and commercial use. Our brands are utilized by commercial operators including growers, landscapers, greenhouses, nurseries, organic farms, as well as independent retailers. Whether you’re looking to purchase high-quality fertilizer for your commercial operation or garden centre or switch your municipality to our recommended gardening methods, when you select our products you can be confident you’ve made the right choice.

NOTICE: Until November 2017 Greenstar Plant Products was also a national distributor of a wide assortment of products for the lawn & garden and specialty gardening industries. Greenstar sold the distribution portion of the business, which is now GS Distribution, to focus entirely on manufacturing.


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